Bellewood Acres Apple Cider

Most of the residents of Whatcom County have seen Bellewood Acres apple cider in the cooler section.  What you may not know is that the entire process is contained at a “juicing parlor” next to their apple orchard on Ten Mile Road.  The apple farm used to be a dairy farm, and it seems to be a perfect fit to assemble a juicer and bottling equipment in the old milking parlor. 

There’s just something really satisfying about watching fresh apples get rinsed, ground up, pressed for juice and bottled.  During apple season there are several field trips organized by elementary schools so the kids can see the different types of apples grown and processed into juice, apple chips and other things.  It’s a quality product without any artificial ingredients and well worth the cost.  Crave Catering has been a tenant and collaborator of Bellewood Acres for years and walking past the juicing parlor made me inspired to seek out local products of the highest quality for my diet.  It just makes sense.



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