Celebrate Mardi Gras in your home with Crave Catering!

If you aren’t planning on a trip to New Orleans this month, maybe you should consider the Crave Catering home version- Mardi Gras Home Party Pack! This package will be available for pre-order by calling (360)223-4900. Orders will be available for pick-up from Fat Tuesday- February 28th until March 4th. Delivery can be arranged for an additional fee. For $25 per person (minimum 2 per order) you get:

  • Three sausage & pepper stuffed hush puppy balls ready for the oven & served with Cajun remoulade on the side
  • A large portion of classic gumbo- chicken, andouille, shrimp, crab, scallops, white fish, holy trinity of veggies, fish stock, okra, seasonings and dark roux come together in a lovely soup you can heat in a pan or microwave
  • White rice is packed separately to be heated and served with the gumbo
  • NOLA bread pudding made with croissants & golden raisins will be cut and ready to reheat in the oven. A layer of bourbon glaze makes this dessert especially nice!
  • Colorful plastic beads to make the day especially festive


The celebration of Mardi Gras goes back hundreds of years in Louisiana and several French & Catholic traditions have combined with American know-how to create a unique celebration. The forty days before Easter are called Lent and this time is often used to deny certain pleasures (such as certain foods, alcohol & parties). The week before Lent has been designated as a time of celebration called Carnival, or “Farewell to the Flesh” where people are encouraged to lose their inhibitions before the fast. Festive jazz music, parades, parties and food have become part of the experience. Many American Catholics still follow that timeline, but the Mardi Gras tradition has also become part of the secular calendar. Even people who don’t plan to deny themselves for lent will still join the party. Mardi Gras in America has become a time to eat New Orleans style food and party with bright colors and high spirits.

Gumbo is perhaps the most iconic of NOLA foods. It brings a lot of flavors together and really fills you up. Something special happens when the holy trinity of onion, celery and bell peppers cook down to become liquid. Roux needs to be carefully simmered for a long, long time to get the dark color and nutty flavor. Spicy andouille, savory chicken and all the wonders of mixed seafood combine to create a flavor combination all their own.

Reserve your party pack today and Crave Catering will make you a Mardi Gras feast to remember. No crowds, reasonable prices and a box full of flavor. Call today and we’ll make one just for you!


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