Chef At The Market!


On Saturday, September 17th Crave Catering was honored to be a part of the Chef At The Market Series. The NW Washington Chefs Collaborative is a group of local food professionals who work with Sustainable Connections to promote local food culture through events and social programs. This year the members of the Steering Committee were paired into five teams and each given a slot to promote the local foods of the Bellingham Farmers Market.
Our event was the last one of the year, and Josh Silverman (a private chef associated with certain local restaurants) was paired with me for our presentation. September is a great time to see what the farmers market has in store, and our demo was intended to show some new ideas to the Saturday market shopper.
We chose Roasted Butternut Squash and Corn Quesadillas as our demo item and people watched as Josh roasted peppers over a flame for his spicy coleslaw dressing. Then I made a filling of corn, onion, garlic and roasted butternut squash. The last step was to put a spoonful onto corn tortillas with a little local grated cheese.
It was a really fun event that we were thrilled to be a part of and I hope that some of the friends we met that day will look us up for more events in the future. Thank you Bellingham Farmers Market and Sustainable Connections!


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